for Brine

Brine, I'm not much time because I go out with travel and I absent from the study for a week, but also prepared a couple of examples:

All are a mixture of collage + manipulation of images and textures. 

Most of the photos do myself. The rest find them in books, on the web, etc.

"Wrinkles" components

"Heavy" components


Brine Blank said...

Thanks for being so gracious...really enjoy the work and the technical side of things!

Anonymous said...

Seu trabalho é incrível e parece diversão porque você o faz com seu filho. Parabéns!

Juan said...

coisasquegosto: Muito obrigado por teus comentários e por publicar-me :)

Analía - Digitalia said...

Es un placer visitar tu blog. Se lo recomendamos a nuestros amigos y colegas y todos opinan maravillas del trabajo que realizan con tu niño. Felicitaciones.

Juan said...

Muchas gracias Analía!!

Eric said...






Focus_ret said...

What wonderful, imaginative work! It absolutely blows me away! Wow!

flora said...

Wow! It's so great to see how you work! Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing! : )

nachotovar said...

muy bello trabajo muy felicitaciones