I've been nominated for an award! by artists whom I admire : Edrian Thomidis, Krisztina Maros, Lisa Rivas, Bella Sinclair, and Zari.
Check out these fantastic artists!
I just love your works, so this is a high honor. Thank you very much!


cata said...

Absolutamente merecido este premio!!!
Me encantan estos personajes.
Love the textures

Flying Colors said...

I love how you posted your award!!!! Great idea... And the teeth, great smile!
Fuistes nominado unanimamente... está correcto lo que dije? Bueno:)
Saludos y muchas felicitaciones Juan y Joaquin!

Cheryl Handelman said...


kari said...

Enhorabuena Juan! Lo mereces.
Tu trabajo es genial, visito tu blog casi todos los días, aunque no deje tantos mensajes. Besos

Juan said...

Thank you all!
Muchas gracias a todos!

Shannon Melville said...

Congratulations :) I love this dog too and his piano teeth, so funny :) I can see how all your subtle effects, e.g curving of piano teeth, shadows, lighting really make your piece work.

bagalagalaga said...

Well looking at this blog, you definitely deserve it, just dozens upon dozens of awesome, cool characters!